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Our foundation bears the name of the French physicist, biologist, paleontologist and mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955). His ideas about evolution could be an important contribution to our future. Its objective is the increase of our consciousness of the human values. Our foundation tries to achieve its goals by:

A) giving lectures, seminars and study programmes where culture, religion and sciences are related to the way of Teilhard de Chardin's thinking.

B) publishing a magazine called GAMMA, where discussions take place. Also relevant books and renewing schools of thought.

Teilhard de Chardin: biography

Teilhard's works

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Teilhard in literature

Teilhard in a Russian interpretation

Teilhard 'Building the earth' (essay-PDF)

Lecture 'Science and Religion as partners' (PDF)

Recommended books:

* about Jean Emile Charon

* Francis S. Collins: "The language of god"

* Edward Goldsmith: "The Way"

* Hernando de Soto: " The Mystery of Capital - Why capitalism
  triumphs in the West and fails everywhere else"

* Naomi Klein: " No logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies"

* See also the website from The Teilhard Project